Monthly Archives: January 2006

New Google Toolbar Beta

Google has released a new beta version of their Google Toolbar. The new version has some major changes over previous versions.

The toolbar allows you to log into your Google Account. This in turn, allows you to manage your “Google Bookmarks”, which you would have set in your Personalized Google Home Page and/or Google Search History.

You also have the ability to add new buttons to the toolbar via the Button Gallery. For those interested in making your own button, there is an API available.

No word yet when the new beta version will be available for Mozilla Firefox.

The best gaming mouse: Logitech G5 vs. Razer Copperhead

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Razer mice. From the boomslang to the Copperhead, I think they’ve always created some amazing products. I’ll give credit to Logitech as well, they’ve made some amazing products over the years.

Anyway, I thought I’d share a review done by TechSpot which compared the Logitech G5 and Razer Copperhead mice. In the end, the Razer slashed the competition.

Google Earth & Google Local Updated

Google has been on a role updating stuff, and yesterday they touched on Google Earth and Google Local. — I still think Google Maps was a better name than Google Local.

Anyway, according to the Google Blog they added extensive 6-inch imagery for many parts of the U.K., updated the Google Local database to match the coverage in Google Earth, and added two more zoom levels in Google Local’s Satellite mode.