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Google Chrome Out Of Beta

Google announced yesterday by way of the Official Google Blogthat the Google web browser, Chrome is now officially out of beta. Introduced only a few months ago, Google Chromehas had probably the shortest public beta period out of any Google product. Take Google’s GMail for example, it came online in March 2004 and is still in Beta.

Google Chrome is available for Windows XP & Windows Vista only (right now), which is a shame considering it is based on webkit, the same engine used by Apple’s Safari¬†web browser. You’d think they’d be able to release a OS X version fairly easily. Hopefully that’s not to far off now that Google Chrome 1.0 is out.

Will this spice up the browser wars? How will Internet Explorer, Opera, and Firefox handle the Google browser? Things should get interesting as new versions of each are prepared.

Google Chrome – The GBrowser Is Real

If you haven’t heard yet, you’ve probably not been on the internet lately. Word is (links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6) that today Google will finally announce the anticipated Google Browser, GBrowser, Google Chrome (link not yet active).

According to a number of sources, Google Chrome is based on the open source Webkit Project, which is the same engine used by a number of Apple products including Safari and Mail. The question here is why? They are already pretty tight with the Firefox team, why not use the Gecko engine used by Firefox, Thunderbird, Nvu, and others? Is the Gecko market too crowded? Did the Apple board of directors push Google CEO Eric Schmidt towards webkit?

The same thing could be asked of another product, why webkit and why not Presto? Presto is the engine used by the speedy Opera Web Browser and Adobe Dreamweaver. Of course, Webkit and Gecko offer one advantage here; cost. Though I said it before, and I’ll say it again, Opera’s mail client, M2 would be the perfect GMail Desktop Client. The two are practically identical.

Presto, Gecko, Webkit. It doesn’t really matter, what matters is Google is finally going to release a web browser.

What can we expect from Google Chrome? For that, I’d have to point you to Blogoscoped.com who first broke the news and now has some images of the browser. Let the countdown begin…

Mozilla Firefox 3 Released

Firefox 3.0 was released early last week. So far it’s been a heck of a lot faster for me, though to be fair I’ve only given it about two hours of full usage and several of my extensions (my most important ones at that!) have yet to be updated.

Not to turn this into a Firefox vs Opera debate, but that is one of the many reason I always loved Opera more than Firefox… Opera “just worked”. I didn’t need to update or find new extensions for the key features that i used. Thsoe being the ability to move the tab bar (I like mine on the bottom) and mouse gestures. I’m disabled without my browser set up like I’m use to. Bah!

Plurk, Twitter, Pownce, Jaiku

There has been some rumble the last few days about a new service called Plurk. I first noticed it when ping.fm did an update earlier this week and added support for it.

Plurk, like Twitter, is a micro-blog / status service. However rather than display things in a list view, Plurk uses a rather nice timeline view. This fresh approach, in addition to Twitters consistent stability issues has lead people to ask, could Plurk be a twitter killer?

My answer: Sure, it could be. But it still has a long way to go, and will need to offer several additional features. But so far, I’ve really liked it.

Of course, Plurk isn’t the fist service to be considered a “twitter killer”. Pownce and Jaiku as well as other services have all shared the same title. So far, nothing has really been able to touch the king of micro-blogging.

Part of what makes Twitter so unbeatable right now is the number of applications, plugins, and extensions that allow you to user Twitter. You’ll find something twitter related for Firefox, Flock, Google Desktop, iGoogle, Facebook, you can even find widgets that allow you to display your tweets on your personal blog. Not to mention the dozens of other sites out there that will aggregate your twitter data and display it.

What service does everyone else use? I’ve got friends on them all. So far my favorite is Plurk, followed by Ponce and Jaiku, with Twitter dead last.

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